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Planting Seeds & Harvesting Dreams (shirt and book combo bundle)


Limited Edition GTBC Planting Seeds & Harvesting Dreams shirt and book combo package)

T-shirts printed on American Apparel, featuring a full color front and back print.

Shirt Color: Slate
Ink Colors: Navy Blue, Teal Green, Yellow, and Orange

The poetry:

Digging away at the surface,
The Planter dropped below two very small seeds.
The seasons quickly changed,
And no one seemed to remember that anything was planted deep beneath.
But The Planter never forgot the plans
And dreams He had for His small, tiny seeds.

But against all odds,
Those tiny, small seeds grew into one very large tree.
And The Planter exclaimed,
“See! The work of My Hands,”
To which He was well pleased
With the tree that bore much fruit—
The tree that came from just two tiny, small seeds.

Book info: (written by owner and operator of Grace Through Bloodshed Clothing, Christopher Kasper)

Book length: 224 pages

Book synopsis:

What if the keys to living a better life isn't found in making life easier or more pleasurable but is found in challenges and difficulty? What if the keys to living a better life are realized when we are willing to examine—deeply—our own hearts and make the commitment to living a life marked by self-denying, sacrificial love? What if the keys to living a better life are rarely realized overnight but in fact take years to develop? Would you still be willing to follow a Way like this to a richer, more fulfilling life?

In the author’s very first book, Planting Seeds & Harvesting Dreams: A Guide to Living a Better Life, Christopher Kasper shows you how you can take the necessary steps to ensure that the life you live is one that counts in the lives of the people around you and in the Kingdom of God. What’s more, as you read through these pages, you will see how the deepest dreams and desires of your heart can be realized when you are willing to be an agent of hope and love for a world increasingly searching for deeper meaning and purpose—a world searching for more people committed to living life with uncommon passion and uncompromising faith.

Do you want to be encouraged to increase your love for God and His people? If so, read this book: now is the time to begin your journey to living a better life.

**Please note: The book, Planting Seeds & Harvesting Dreams, comes with a full, 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, that if it isn't everything you hoped it to be, I will personally send you a check covering the full cost of the book ($12), PLUS all shipping and handling fees (up to $3.50), and you can cordially keep the book, and pass it along to someone else. This is my full promise and assurance to you, the reader, that this book will be a blessing and satisfying read to you, and if not, you can keep the book (as my gift to you) and receive a full refund of your purchase- Christopher Kasper

*($2.50 from every Planting Seeds & Harvesting Dreams combo bundle is donated to Blood: Water Mission to help build clean water wells in Africa.)

**Please, also, specifiy if you want an autographed copy of the book, and/or personalized greeting (free of charge) with your order.