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Bring The King Glory (Limited Edition)


Printed on American Apparel, featuring a full color front and back print. (Limited Edition run of 50 total shirts)

Shirt Color: Navy Blue
Ink Colors: Red, Silver, and White

The poetry:

Your patterns—they to me mean nothing.
You’ll see a mind full of life—
Full of vitality—
A mind transforming!
Your dead-end ways, O’ World,
Hold to me no appeal.
Test my ways, O’ World,
Test them on the battlefield.
Test them with fire,
Test them with adversity.
We walk without fear,
We stand in unity.
We take to the field to bring the King glory!

*Inspired by Romans 12:2

** (.50 cents from every GTBC shirt is donated to Blood:Water Mission to help build clean water wells in Africa.)