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All About GTBC


We often use the word ‘Vision’ to describe
sight or the ability to “perceive” things that
are of the visible persuasion.

But for Grace Through Bloodshed Clothing,
‘Vision’ has come to mean something
distinctively different--something altogether
apart from what we know as the visible. In
fact, it was the 'IN'visible’ that became the
driving force for the inception of Grace
Through Bloodshed Clothing.


Sitting one cold winter afternoon in Eastern
Michigan University’s library in 2007, Grace
Through Bloodshed Clothing founder and
owner/operator, Christopher Kasper, was
on the receiving end of a vision.
Discontented with a noticeable lack of
original (and quality) faith-based apparel
on the market, sparks started to fly and
wheels began to turn. Soon he had a
vision--an epiphany of sorts--and said to
himself, “If I can’t find the apparel that I
want to represent my faith, then why not
try to make something original.” And so a
vision was birthed: the formation of a new
faith-based clothing line that would do
things a little bit different; a clothing line of
fashion-forward apparel that would be so
bold and honest that it wouldn’t be able to
be dismissed or written off as a
gimmick—or worse yet—just another
fleeting trend, sure to disappear once the
next hot fashion movement came around
the corner.


But shortly after its humble beginning in
2007, the clothing brand was exceedingly
blessed to tap the services and vision of an
extremely talented and growing graphic
designer, Jordan Baker, to construct the
visual aspects of GTBC. And since its
inception, the same principles and high
standards of quality exist in their original
contexts to this day for Grace Through
Bloodshed Clothing: originality, relevancy,
boldness, bright and eye-catching graphics,
and thought-provoking poetry, all meant to
stop a person dead in their tracks; all
meant to get a person to think more deeply
about what it really means to live a
self-denying and faith-filled life marked by
unwavering devotion and commitment to
Jesus Christ.

Moreover, t-shirt quality and integrity
was--and always continues to be--a
bedrock principle of GTBC. All apparel is
printed on high-quality, and
sweatshop-free, American-Made garments,
produced by the nation’s leader in domestic
clothing, American Apparel.

Because of the ardent support of many, as
of late 2013, Grace Through Bloodshed
Clothing has been able to produce roughly
2,000+ articles of clothing. Furthermore,
with the release of a new design roughly
every few months, and its commitment to
releasing the the highest quality of printed
apparel possible, GTBC is sure to not
slowdown anytime soon! In 2013, make
sure to be on the look-out for an expanded
product line, including: new pull-over
hoodies, posters, and maybe a few more